How to hunt a Luma in Temtem - Luma Spawn Rate Explained

How to hunt a Luma in Temtem - Luma Spawn Rate Explained

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In todays guide we are going to take a look at what a Luma Temtem is, where you can hunt them and what benefits they have. 

Temtem is currently very popular amongst players who love monster catcher games, like the popular Pokemon. However, Temtem also has MMO aspects to it, which most other monster catcher games don't.

What is a Luma Temtem?

Luma Temtem are incredible rare Temtem's that have a drop chance of 1:7500. The Luma Temtem are almost identical to the normal Temtem in terms of combat readiness. However, they look vastly different to their normal counter part. Best comparison is the Shiny Pokemons, it is basically the same system.

As an example lets take the Temtem Mimit, In his normal form he looks sort of blueish, while his Luma form is purplish. If you want to view all the Temtem please visit the Temtem List (164/164). Each of the Temtem's individual pages also shows the Luma version. 

When you encounter a Luma version in combat, at the start of the fight the Temtem has a glitter effect on it. That way you know that you are fighting against a Luma Temtem, make sure it doesn't run away!

Mimit Temtem Normal vs Luma Version
Mimit Temtem Normal vs Luma Version

How to hunt Luma Temtems

The chance that you encounter a Luma is actually incredible low, though there are some tricks. The spawn rate of a Luma Temtem is 1:7500. This makes it extremely unlikely that you ever encounter a Luma with your normal playthrough. That is also why players call it hunting Luma, you really have to be dedicated to hunt Temtems to eventually get a Luma to spawn.

Luma Temtem will always have at least three pefect Single Values (SV) while the other four stats range between 25 and 50. This rule only applies to caught Luma Temtem and doesn't work with breeding.

How to increase the Spawn Rate of Luma Temtem?

There is an item called Temtem Radar that can be bought with feathers from the tamer paradise. Each Radar device works for a specific Temtem evolutionary line seen in the tooltip of the item. When you activate the Radar, some Temtem will appear physically in the world and when you get close enough to them you will trigger a battle.

By defeating or capturing the Temtem you increase the chain of events. If you you defeat or capture a Temtem in a no-radar battle the chain will break and the radar is destroyed.

What does the Radar and chain of events do in Temtem?

  • Temtems spawn with a minimum Single Value (SV) of 20
  • After 100 encounters the Luma spawn rate is increased by 5x
  • After 200 encounters the Luma spawn rate is increased by 10x

The Radar will break after 300 battles.

Saipark Luma Hunting Method

Another method that you can utilize to increase your chances of a Luma Temtem is the Saipark farming method. The Saipark is located in Deniz, west of Prasine Coast. Each week two Temtem are featured within the Saipark and they are special. The chance of a Luma Temtme is increased by 1x up to 4x (depending on the week).

Saipark in Temtem
Saipark in Temtem

How to breed Luma Temtem

You can actually also breed Luma Temtem. You will need one Luma and a normal Temtem from the opposite gender. If you let them breed your chance of a Luma Temtem in the egg is 1:1000. If you have two Luma Temtem that are breeding your chance goes up to 1:100. 

This sounds great but don't forget, a Temtem can only breed 7 times in its lifetime. Therefore you sadly can't just keep spamming eggs over and over. Therefore it is important to really wait for the right moment and right Temtems to breed with each other.