A list with all 164 Temtem monsters - How many Temtem monsters are there?

A list with all 164 Temtem monsters - How many Temtem monsters are there?

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You will find a complete list of all Temtem monsters here in this page. There are a total of 164 different Temtem that you can collect. 

Temtem are fictional creatures and one of the main elements of the game Temtem. Temtem is a Pokemon like monster catcher game with lots of endgame possibilities.

There are a total of 12 different Temtem types that you will encounter in the game.

Neutral - Fire - Water - Nature - Electric - Earth - Mental - Wind - Digital - Melee - Crystal - Toxic

Now lets start with the actual list, it is a long one!

Nr Temtem Type 1 Type 2
001 Mimit Digital
002 Oree Digital
003 Zaobian Digital
004 Chromeon Digital
005 Halzhi Digital
006 Molgu Digital
007 Platypet Water Toxic
008 Platox Water Toxic
009 Platimous Water Toxic
010 Swali Nature
011 Loali Nature Wind
012 Tateru Neutral
013 Gharunder Toxic Electric
014 Mosu Melee
015 Magmut melee Fire
016 Paharo Wind
017 Paharac Wind
018 Granpah Wind
019 Amping Electric
020 Amphatyr Electric Nature
021 Bunbun Earth Crystal
022 Mudrid Earth Crystal
023 Hidody Nature
024 Taifu Nature
025 Fomu Water
026 Wiplump Water Wind
027 Skail Neutral
028 Skunch Neutral Melee
029 Goty Neutral
030 Mouflank Neutral
031 Rhoulder Neutral Earth
032 Houchic Mental
033 Tental Mental
034 Nagaise Mental Water
035 Orphyll Nature Toxic
036 Nidrasil Nature Toxic
037 Banapi Fire
038 Capyre Fire
039 Lapinite Crystal
040 Azuroc Crystal
041 Zenoreth Crystal
042 Reval Mental
043 Aohi Mental Fire
044 Bigu Nature
045 Babawa Nature Water
046 0b1 Digital Electric
047 ob10 Digital Electric
048 Kaku Nature
049 Saku Nature Wind
050 Valash Neutral Crystal
051 Towly Melee Mental
052 Owlhe Wind Melee
053 Barnshe Wind Mental
054 Gyalis Crystal Melee
055 Occlura Crystal
056 Myx Crystal Mental
057 Raiber Fire
058 Raize Fire
059 Raican Fire
060 Pewki Water
061 Piraniant Water
062 Scarawatt Electric
063 Scaravolt Electric Fire
064 Hoglip Digital Fire
065 Hedgine Digital Fire
066 Osuchi Earth
067 Osukan Earth Melee
068 Osukai Earth Melee
069 Saipat Water Melee
070 Pycko Earth Fire
071 Drakash Earth Fire
072 Crystle Crystal
073 Sherald Crystal
074 Tortenite Crystal Toxic
075 Innki Electric Crystal
076 Shaolite Melee
077 Shaolant Melee
078 Cycrox Digital Toxic
079 Hocus Mental
080 Pocus Mental
081 Smolzy Electric
082 Sparzy Electric
083 Golzy Electric Melee
084 Mushi Toxic
085 Mushook Toxic Melee
086 Magmis Fire
087 Mastione Fire Water
088 Umishi Water
089 Ukama Water
090 Galvanid Electric
091 Raignet Electric
092 Smazee Melee
093 Baboong Melee
094 Seismunch Melee Earth
095 Zizare Earth
096 Gorng Melee
097 Mitty Mental
098 Sanbi Mental
099 Momo Neutral
100 Kuri Earth
101 Kauren Earth
102 Spriole Nature
103 Deendre Nature
104 Cerneaf Nature
105 Toxolotl Toxic
106 Noxolotl Toxic
107 Blooze Toxic
108 Goolder Toxic
109 Zephyruff Toxic Wind
110 Volarend Toxic Wind
111 Grumvel Earth
112 Grumper Earth Electric
113 Ganki Electric Wind
114 Gazuma Electric Wind
115 Oceara Water
116 Yowlar Neutral
117 Droply Water Earth
118 Garyo Water Earth
119 Broccoblin Nature
120 Broccorc Nature Melee
121 Broccolem Nature Melee
122 Shuine Crystal Water
123 Nessla Water Electric
124 Valiar Mental
125 Pupoise Digital Nature
126 Loatle Digital Mental
127 Kalazu Water
128 Kalabyss Water Toxic
129 Adoroboros Toxic Mental
130 Tuwai Wind
131 Tukai Wind Water
132 Tulcan Wind Fire
133 Tovine Wind Crystal
134 Turoc Wind Earth
135 Tuwire Wind Digital
136 Tutsu Wind Melee
137 Kinu Nature Mental
138 Vulvir Fire Earth
139 Vulor Fire Earth
140 Vulcrane Fire Earth
141 Pigepic Wind
142 Akranox Earth Toxic
143 Koish Water
144 Vulffy Earth Nature
145 Chubee Digital Wind
146 Waspeen Digital Crystal
147 Mawtle Digital Nature
148 Mawmense Digital Nature
149 Hazrat Toxic Fire
150 Minttle Mental
151 Minox Mental Electric
152 Minothor Mental Electric
153 Maoala Melee Mental
154 Venx Neutral
155 Venmet Neutral Melee
156 Chimurian Nature Mental
157 Chimurian Nature Crystal
158 Arachnyte Neutral Digital
159 Thaiko Digital Melee
160 Monkko Digital Melee
161 Anahir Crystal Fire
162 Anatan Crystal Fire
163 Tyranak Fire Nature
164 Volgon Electric

Of course there is a lot more to it. Each Temtem has one or two types like shown in the list. They also have different techniques, traits, stats, evolutions and can breed.


Techniques are used during combat. Each of the Temtem’s techniques has its own properties like type, category, damage, stamina cost, hold value, priority and synergy. Some of the Temtem’s techniques are also able to inflict status conditions on opponents. 


Each Temtem can have one of two possible traits. These traits are passive properties that have an effect in combat. Some of the traits can lower or raise stats, some affect type effectiveness and some apply status effects.


Stats are the seven factors that decide how Temtem perform in combat. They affect damage calculations, when the Temtem can attack and also limits the use of techniques. The seven stats are: HP, STA, SPD, ATK, DEF, SPATK and SPDEF.


Like with Pokemon, Temtem can also evolve. Evolution lets many of the species evolve after reaching a certain amount of levels. 


Male and female Temtem that share at least one of two types are compatible for breeding. When they are breeding they produce eggs with their first form of the evolutionary line of the female parent. The male adds different techniques to the egg. You can also sell the eggs in the auction house.


Last but not least we want to talk about “LUMA”. 

Luma Temtem are a very rare occurrence. They are basically the “shiny” version of Pokemon. They have different colors, glow and particle effects and shine bright when entering combat. This is all purely cosmetic.


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