Players are frustrated about the Limited Disney Lorcana Collector's Edition sales at D23 Expo

Players are frustrated about the Limited Disney Lorcana Collector's Edition sales at D23 Expo

Alcast 1 year ago

While Disney's Lorcana trading card game isn't live yet, it has already managed to upset some of the fans that are looking forward to playing the card game.

At the D23 expo Disney Lorcana sold Collector's Edition with six trading cards for Lorcana. This was also the first look we got at any of the cards.

Of course there were only a very limited amount of Collector's Editions available for the D23 expo and they were sold out quickly. There wasn't an announcement prior to that and not everyone managed to get into the D23 expo (especially overseas fans). 

Therefore it was quite pre-programmed that there would be some sort of a shitstorm about this. The Collector's Editions already made their way onto Ebay and are being sold for 1000-3000$.

Disney Lorcana tried to do some damage control and clarified some things about these cards.

They specified that all the cards they sold in the Collector's Edition at D23 Expo will be available in the first set called "Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter" that is being released in the Fall of 2023.

However, of course it won't be exactly the same. The Collector's Edition only has 6 cards and the D23 Expo is tagged on them as we can see in the image below at the bottom.

D23 Expo Collector's Edition Card
D23 Expo Collector's Edition Card

The "Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter" will have a lot more cards than the six. While it might be true that these cards will be in the first chapter anyway, they won't be specified as Collector's Edition and they won't have the D23 Expo tag.

That means the 6 Collector's Edition cards with the D23 Expo will stay unique and very rare. Especially since these are the FIRST ever cards that have been shown and released to the public!

Did Disney Lorcana do the right thing or are players overreacting?