Starfield Outposts - What We Know So Far

Starfield Outposts - What We Know So Far

Andrew 11 months ago

In Starfield, players will be able to build Outposts on planets that they explore, allowing you to claim small areas as your own and build on them. Today we'll be sharing the available information about outposts revealed so far, as seen in pre-release material from Bethesda. 

What are Outposts in Starfield?

Outposts in Starfield are a base of operations for the player. They can just be used as a player home if you find a scenic part of a planet that you like, but you can also expand them to carry out other tasks such as mining. 

To start an outpost, you'll need to place an Outpost Beacon on an uninhabited area of a planet. 

If you want your outpost to produce resources, then its location will be important. When choosing where to build your outpost, you'll want to consider what resources are available for mining in the area. This information can be seen on the screen when you are placing an outpost beacon. You may also want to pay attention when viewing the planet on the system map, as this can give you valuable information about which resources are abundant on the planet. 

You don't need to run your outposts alone. You can assign crew members you've recruited during your travels and adventures to perform various tasks in the outpost, and in return they will call the outpost home while they are doing this. 

Starfield Outpost
Starfield Outpost

What Outpost Items are Available?

Items can be built in your Outpost. They'll generally cost some materials to build them, and they may fulfil an operational purpose (such as resource production) or simply be for decoration. There will be several different types of items available (they might be called something else when the game is released), for now the only type we know about is Structures.

Most of the structures available for Starfield outposts are unknown to us at the moment, however there are a few that we do know about:

Name Materials Required
Outpost Airlock 1 Aluminium, 1 Sealant, 1 Lead
Four Wall Hab Unknown
Hydroponic Hab B Unknown
Science Hab Flat Small Unknown
Military Hab 1 Sealant, 3 Titanium, 2 Lead 
Hab Round 4 Aluminium, 2 Sealant, 3 Lead
Hydroponic Hab Round 4 Aluminium, 2 Sealant, 3 Lead
Small Hex Hab 4 Aluminium, 2 Sealant, 3 Lead
Hallway, Industrial Unknown
Watchtower Unknown

Note that this information is sourced from pre-release footage of Starfield, is very incomplete and may change before launch. 

Starfield Outpost Construction
Starfield Outpost Construction