Starfield Crafting & Building Resources - What We Know So Far

Starfield Crafting & Building Resources - What We Know So Far

Andrew 11 months ago

In Starfield, you will be able to gather Resources from various sources. Resources are useful for building and crafting, and some are more common than others. When exploring the map in Starfield, you'll be able to preview what resources can be found in abundance on a particular planet.

If you find a planet with something especially valuable, or just a resource that you often find yourself lacking, then it might be a good idea to build an outpost on that planet. This will allow you to gather those resources more efficiently. 

Starfield Planet Resources View
Starfield Planet Resources View

Starfield Resources List

Below we have compiled a list of all currently known resources in Starfield. It's entirely possible, and perhaps likely, that there will be several more resources in the game come release. 

We don't have heaps of information about the individual resources yet, such as their value, rarity and how they are gathered and used. However, this still gives us an interesting view into the complexity of Starfield's crafting system. 

Many of the resources also have a chemical formula, making them easier to identify in the game's UI, and we've included these where applicable too. In a couple of cases, we only know the formula but not the name of the resource itself. 

Resource Name Chemical Formula
Adhesive N/A
Aluminium Al
(Unknown) C6Hn
Chlorine Cl
Cobalt Co
Caesium Cs
Copper Cu
Fluorine Fl
Iron Fe
Fiber N/A
Water H2O
Helium 3 He-3
(Unknown) HnCn
Illinium Il
Lithium Li
Neon Ne
Nickel Ni
Lead Pb
Pigment N/A
Coclaurine R-COC
Sealant N/A
Chlorosilane SiH3Cl
Sulfur S
Tantalum Ta
Titanium Ti
Toxin N/A
Vanadium V
Tungsten W
Tetrafluorides XF4